Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today I got nico off to school with the neighbor who takes turns with me taking and bringing the kids to school and home. I swept the front and back yard and got a load of laundry in the machine. 

Then I got all my things together to go to the swimming exercise class at the "Y."  As I went through the house closing windows and locking up, Max vigilantly clip, clopped behind me. Slowly he lagged further behind as he realized I was going to be leaving the house. I hate, hate, hate leaving him at home. And you know what? I hate leaving the house too! As I closed the sliding door I thought to myself, why am I going when I want to stay. 

So I started opening all the windows again, pulled open the sliding door, dumped all my bag out and put my purse away and patted Max who was now realizing that I was staying home. I started to clean the house. 

I was actually happier cleaning the house then going to the pool. Well of course I was going to the pool to excercise not to swim. But I told myself I will do the 2 mile walk with Max tonight to make up for it. Well that's what I told myself and since Max doesn't understand what I'm talking about he won't be able to hold it against me. 

So as I cleaned I made a list of things I needed to do. I've almost finished that list and when Nico comes home we will go to get me some glasses so I can say I've accomplished all that I WANTED to do today. Now to go and read a book. Wow life is grand. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Max Eyes The Gate

Max ran away.
It was a lazy day for me and it seemed the less I did the less I wanted to do. I looked at Max as I sat back on the overstuffed lazy boy with my feet up in the air. He was sitting right beside it and I was patting his head. 
I pulled back his bangs from the top of his rag mop head and looked into his huge teddy bear eyes. Before I knew it he leaped off the floor and was on my lap. 
“Take it easy Max, there’s not room for both of us in this chair” I said to him as his toenails dug into my thighs. But for him, there was more then enough room as he sat with his head totally blocking my line of vision. 
I brushed him off of me and got up out of the chair and headed out the door. “Come on Max I’ll comb your hair.” I didn’t want a repeat of the snarls and tangles that had overtaken his fur the week I had not been home. 
I sat on the chair outside and began to slowly comb his head, ears, back and down his legs as he twisted, flipped on his back and turned away from which ever side I was trying to comb. I looked at him and ordered him to sit. 
“Max, your just too much dog for me” I told him as I thought about having to walk him that evening. I sure wish someone else would help me out with you. I knew he was getting antsy  and needed to be walked that night but I just did not want to do it. 
That afternoon I had left the gate to the yard open to bring in a shelf. Max stood back and was very good about not going out as the large garden shelves were brought in. 
When 4:00 PM arrived Max was doing his velcro thing. He followed me everywhere around the house. “Oh, it’s your dinner time.” I put his food out in the patio and he began to crunch.
Ten minutes later I listened for his whine to come in. He was not at the door. I looked out into the yard and thought, “Good. He is doing his business.”
Then all of the sudden I remembered. “I left the gate open!” I ran to the front door to look calling out to my son in law, Alika, “Max is loose, I forgot to close the gate!”
 Alika ran out the front door and I passed him Max’s leash as he headed down the street.
Alika ran to the park down the block, I started calling up towards the end of the culdesac thinking maybe he had chased the neighbors cat. Then I jumped in the car. The whole time Max’s big brown eyes stared  at me through my minds eye. ‘Please, please, please, Max. Don’t run out in the road.’ 
He was such a willy, nilly never paying any attention to what was going on around him. I looked to my left and to my right as I started to drive down the street. My son in law was just coming home with an empty leash. He said he could not see him anywhere.
It had only been ten minutes. Could he have run straight down to the main road? As I headed out to the main drag I called out the car window to a boy, standing in his bare feet, staring down the road.
“Have you seen a black shaggy dog?” He answered in the negative and asked me if I had seen a gray spotted dog running loose. I remembered the dog as he always got loose in the early dawn when I would walk Max. He would always run after us trying to get Max to play. I would always have to cut our walk short to take him back home.
“No I haven’t seen him but I know where to bring him if I do.” In my mind I could see Max and his wayward pal running down the busy street jumping and playing. I was afraid to drive to the big park. I was so afraid I would see Max, dead, his black fury body, motionless in the street. 
Of course all the things I shoulda, coulda, would have done for Max went through my mind. Was this going to be the last time I ever see him again? 
I drove everywhere, asked everyone. I even thought maybe he’s still in the house. I thought about the time I tore out of the house looking for Zoe, crying because I could not find her only to realize that I had accidently locked her in my closet and there she was crying to get out when I got home. 
No, I knew Max was outside and I knew he was gone. So I slowly drove home. I could hear the boys dog barking to get back into his yard as I drove by, but no Max. I gave it one last call as I passed our house. I yelled as loud as I could and looked in the front screen of the house from the car. I thought I heard click, click, click on our wooden floors. I started to turn the car around to head out again when Alika called out to me that Max was back. 
He had been where I thought he was in the first place. At the neighbors, chasing their cats and eating all the cats food. I was so relieved and happy to see my little guy. The water bowl that I had filled up with clean water just before Max had run away was now full of red dirt. Max was panting and I think he was smiling too. 
I took him out in back once again, this time the gate was closed. I started to re-brush all of the weeds that were stuck to this Brillo pad dog. Lifting his bangs, I looked into his eyes and said to him. 
“Well, I guess I won’t have to take you for a walk tonight.”
 It turned out to be a great day for both of us. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tail of two vets

Yesterday I had to deal with Max as he was biting the hair off his tail. He has a big bald spot on it. I was dreading going to the vets as it was like stepping into a big vacuum that sucked up all your money. I called another vet that my friend takes her dogs to and she said she was inexpensive. She works out of her home or she can come to you but it is quite expensive if you have her do that. So I took Max there and it turns out that she examined him right in her garage between two cars. But she said he was in excellent condition and his teeth looked great. ( the other vet wanted to do a teeth cleaning on him. But it was more like she was going to do a cleaning on my wallet as it would cost $400.00 dollars)

She said that if his knee was out of whack she would not want to do anything about it until he walked with a stiff leg. As he is jumping up and down at home he is still fine. ( the other vet wanted to operate to the tune of a couple of thousand dollars. 

she gave me all home remedies to use on max's tail and a tick collar for him as she believes that is why he is biting his tail (and he has ticks) She advised me to put fish oil in his food and gave me all kinds of samples of things for Max to try. (I'd never got a sample from the other vets)

She gave me a 6 month supply of heart worm pills for $22.00. We paid the other vet $17.00 for only one pill! Can you imagine that?

Her visit with tax came to $20.00!! The tick collar was $17.00. I would not have walked out of the other vet without having to do test, and buying very expensive medicine and pills, I know. I am so stoked because now I know I can take Max to the vet if he gets sick and know he will be taken care of. 

The home made solution has kept him from biting his tale and he is relaxed and just fine. I am so happy that there are still people in the world who truly do want to help and still know that they can make money without taking advantage. The whole visit took around 15 minutes. 

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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
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Fourth of July in Waikiki
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