Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip of a Lifetime

Here you can drive around the island in a couple of hours and that is that. Of course it is a different type of beauty and so even though it is a short distance I always enjoy it. No, here if I want to visit my family I have to board a plane. And I won't do that anymore. In the past when I took trips, standing in line with other passengers, checking in was amusing not grueling. Where were these people going where were they from? I wondered who was filthy rich and who might be going on a trip for the first time. Then sitting and waiting to board I would start a new book or brows through the gift shop. On the flight I was always wonderd who I would sit next to or what was going to be served, was my book better then the movie or would I rather sit and watch what was being shown.

Now there are lines for lines. Figuring out how you print out your boarding pass, going from a check in line to another line to check your luggage, then another line through security and then another line for security again because some imbecile agent who can barely speak English picks you out to be double checked. You are sat in a chair where everyone in the security line can see you and wonder why you were singled out. Then you are stood in some kind of device while they blow air all over you to entertain again, those passengers standing in line.

Then you go to the waiting area where you wait and wait because you've had to show up at the airport 3 hours early to make sure you get through all those lines in time to make it to the line to board the plane. Finely you board the plane and you are placed in your seat with a shoe horn. you can put one arm on the arm rest. If you put two that means that the person sitting next to you won't have room for his arm. You don't put your table down for your drink because if the person in front of you puts his seat back your drink could end up in your lap. And heaven forbid if you try to stand up to get to the bathroom. You have just enough room to get by the person next to you without wiping his face with your ass.

So here you sit in your seat not eating or drinking because your not about to pay those exorbitant prices and the food choices in the snack bar were limp salads or dry white bread sandwiches and they were overpriced too. No, I don't travel anymore. It's just not worth it. And I must say modesty does not permit me to stand in one of those xray machines while some idiot rent a guard scans my body and has a laugh at my silhouette . You know I don't think it makes us more secure it just makes us seem guilty until proven innocent. The terrorist probably aren't even going to use the airlines again, there thinking about our water system or spraying our crops and any number of things that are out there for the taking. Oh and why do they take away knives from passengers when first class passengers get silver wear to eat with that includes knives? Don't they think a terrorist can book a first class passage? Hmm

I guess I'm stuck here on the islands until such day our freedom to travel will really be free. Or North Korea decides to experiment with a real target. Then I guess I will really be taking a long trip. Can you say Oblivion?

Count Me In

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
It feels good to be free

Fourth of July in Waikiki

Fourth of July in Waikiki
Early morning view just kicking back

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