Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going to the dogs

I called Zoe my bird. Of course she was a bird dog that never chased birds. She would point at them but she was a gentle soul. Birds picked on her. One such bird would wait for her to come out of the house and then it would fly from the front yard tree and dive bomb Zoe. Of course Zoe would be completely perplexed as she watched the Mynah fly to the roof of the house across the street and squawk and squawk at her the whole time she was out.

As the years went on she became more passive. No longer did she eat the phones, shoes, hair brushes or the kids favorite toys. The couch that she is laying on in the photo was her favorite place only because she knew that was my favorite place too. The minute I got up from the chair she dashed and leaped into it. She would then give me a look as though to say, "I beat you to it."

Though she was the family dog, I took care of her, getting up and taking her out, Hurrying home from visits to make sure she did not stay alone too long, and feeding and bathing her. She was my shadow and constant companion.
A lot of you have read my many post about her but I just wanted to officially open my blog with a good-by to her. I miss her everyday and she never will be replaced.

Hello to Max! our family needs a dog and we also want their bark to answer anyone outside who might be thinking about coming inside. Uninvited. Max looks like Tramp from the movie Lady and the Tramp. Though he is black and not gray they have their similarities. Your guess is as good as mine as to just what type of dog he is. One thing for sure he was a tramp. He was turned into the Humane Society as a stray so you could say he was out there "tramping" around.

I was reading an article in the "Morning Honolulu Advertiser"
concerning stray dogs. It seems that the authorities have taken to rounding up all the pets that the homeless have been keeping while living on the beach. The photo in the paper showed a man and wife in their 70s at least. the photo was sad indeed.

I mentioned this to my daughter as I thought how low the officials were stooping . It wasn't enough that these people did not have a place to live but now they were taking away a loved pet and much needed protection. It was not so long ago when were reading about how people risked their lives to stay with their pets rather then evacuate and leave them behind as the New Orleans flood waters were rising.

Could Max have been one of the dogs that had been rounded up? Of course the Humane Society would say he was a stray. They would never say the dog was taken from his homeless masters as they were out helping friends, leaving them to feel that a member of their family had been kidnapped, as the homeless couple had stated.

Max was undernourished to be sure as his little skinny body showed. His fur was in dreadlocks. There were sores under his matted fur and he looked dull with his tail between his legs. But he immediately took to the family. He loved my little grandson right off the bat and he was so friendly. Not like most dogs who have been on their own so long. So I wondered.

My practical daughter pointed out that yes it was a very sad situation and it was upsetting but if I were to look at the bigger picture I would have to admit that if Max were one of the dogs, he was off to a very bad start and surely would not live that long in such a horrible condition. Now he is groomed, has picked up weight and has taken over my bed. Yes he is in a much better place.

But what about those homeless kupuna ( 14th/) ? The displaced and yes, even the derelicts who have no one to take them in or make sure that they received the proper medical care and nutrition?

Where have we as a society gone wrong that we sweep the beaches to take the dogs from the homeless to make sure that the dogs are taken care of and yet leave the humans to their own salvation? Yes there were other reasons that the animals needed to be removed but the bottom line seems that the animals are far better off. I don't have a solution. I will have to think of a small way that I can do something but I can only say that somehow at this time and place in society, the human race seems to be going to the dogs.

Going to the dogs

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Birds of a Feather
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Fourth of July in Waikiki
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